Beaches in the city and at the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada

The perfect location of Barcelona at the Mediterranean Sea makes it the ideal destination for a city trip combined with some relaxing time at the beach. The city has 4,2 km of beaches. So no matter where in the Barcelona you find your accommodation, there's always a beach nearby. Every beach has some nice beach bars or 'chiringuitos' where you can enjoy a cocktail, an ice cream or a nice lunch or diner.

The real fanatic beach lovers or those looking for quiet and calm beaches, will surely appreciate the many beaches outside Barcelona, but still easily accessible by car or public transport within twenty minutes upto one hour. The towns to which those beaches belong are often very picturesque and thus a great destination for a day trip out of town.

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San Sebastiá

The beach of San Sebastiá is located between the brand new Hotel 'W' and the neighbourhood Barceloneta. It's one of the longest beaches and it's not so busy compared to the other beaches, or perhaps it only seems a quieter beach as the people who frequent this beach have a higher average age than on other beaches. As the Barceloneta swim and sports club is located at this beach, you'll also find people doing many water sports like wind surfing and sailing.

The San Sebastiá beach also has facilities for the disabled. Those facilities are accessible daily from 11am to 2 pm in July and August, and in June and September only during weekends.

Even though San Sebastiá is not an official nudist beach, it is frequented by nudists.

San Sebastiá is easily accessible since it's not a long walk from metro stop Barceloneta on the yellow line. There are also several bus lines that stop next to this beach.


La Barceloneta

This long beach stretches along the neighbourhood la Barceloneta until el Puerto Olímpico that can be recognized from far away by the adjacent blue-and-white tower, the Arts hotel and next to it the Mapfre tower. During spring and summer there are many nice 'chiringuitos' or beach bars located at Barceloneta beach. There you can enjoy a snack, meal or just a drink. Along the boulevard there are also many nice restaurants with terraces. The Barceloneta beach is mainly popular among tourists and groups of young people. It usually is the busiest beach of Barcelona.

At Barceloneta beach there are many recreational facilities, like three beach volley fields, a ping pong table and play grounds for the kids.

Just before el Puerto Olímpico there are a few stylish lounge clubs along the beach where you can also drop by during the day to relax and have some food and drinks while you enjoy the view over the sea.

You can access la Barceloneta by metro, taking the yellow line to either La Barceloneta or Ciutadella Vila Olímpica.


Nova Icaria

Nova Icaria is one of the more quiet beaches of Barcelona, mostly frequented by families with children and groups of friends. The tourist entertainment zone el Puerto Olímpico is next to this beach, so after a day at the beach you always have a nice terrace nearby to grab something to eat or drink.

At Nova Icaria beach there are facilities for the disabled, accessible daily from 9am to 2pm and 4pm to 7pm in July and August, and in June and September only during weekends. Furthermore there are two beach volleys and there's a ping pong table.

The nearest metro stop is Ciutadella Vila Olimpica. But there are buses too, and they stop a bit closer to the beach than the metro.



Bogatell is one of the most popular beaches of Barcelona. Also at this beach there's a beach volley and there are two ping pong tables. The beach bars at Bogatell usually play trendy music and there's a relaxed atmosphere among the young public of this beach.

Bogatell can be easily reached by bus. The nearest metro stop is Bogatell, but from there it still is quite a long walk to the beach.


Mar Bella

Mar Bella is a small beach, very popular among young families. The first part of this beach is an official nudist beach.

Behind this beach there's a basketball field and a skate park.

The nearest metro stops are Poblenou and Llacuna.

Nova Mar Bella

This beach is quite calm compared to the other beaches. It's mostly visited by people who live nearby. The beach bars usually play some groovy music.

Nova Mar Bella has facilities for the disabled, they are accessible daily from 11am to 6pm in July and August. In June and September they are available only during weekends.

The nearest metro stops are Selva de Mar and El Maresme.



This is the youngest beach of Barcelona, it was inaugurated in 2006. The beach is quite small and probably the least remarkable of all. The beach has appeared more or less because some of the buildings in the surroundings were destructed, and the whole neighbourhood has been restructured for the creation of a new marine zoo next to the beach, that is supposed to be opened somewhere in 2016.

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beaches at the costa brava

San Pol de Mar

It's a bit more than an hour by train from Barcelona, but absolutely worth the trip. San Pol de Mar is a small tourist coastal town with quite a long beach and crystal clear water. When leaving the train station you could walk straight ahead to the main beach, but you can also turn left and walk down the beach until the end where the beaches get smaller and are surrounded by rocks. On the rocks in the sea you can often spot sea birds from nearby as you can swim quite close without scaring them. It's also an ideal place to do some snorkling and watch various little fishes.

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beaches at the costa dorada


At half an hour by train from Barcelona is the beach Garraf. From the train station there's a stairway that leads straight to the beach. It's a quiet beach, even in July and August it's not very crowded. This is probably the case because besides the nice beach, Garraf has very little to offer. Along the beach itself there are some cosy beach houses and there's a cafetaria where you can have some food and drinks. What makes the beach of Garraf really extraordinary is the beautiful view. The beach is surrounded by a mountainous landscape that forms part of the national park called Garraf.

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